I would like to tell you about my client Pot (obviously not his real name). Pot is one of my favorite clients to date. He was the client that made me laugh the most. I always looked forward to our sessions, because I know I will be smiling and laughing throughout our coaching sessions.

Pot was a pharmacy manager at a grocery chain pharmacy, and he was miserable. He had a staff pharmacist who wasn’t pulling her weight, and his best technicians were leaving for greener pastures. He tried to talk to his district manager about the problems he was facing, only to be told that he can handle it. He even went to him with an idea to increase compliance with meds, even made a presentation, only to be shot down. Pot was ready to give up.

Throughout our coaching sessions, I had encouraged him to keep focusing on what he loves to do, which is to create content, especially in the pharmacy field. His big idea was to create a platform, where EMRs from local physicians’ offices would be connected to the pharmacy software. That way, the pharmacist can look at labwork to make sure the medications prescribed were appropriate, ask for refills or prior authorizations, send messages to the office directly instead of phone calls or faxes. The office will be able to do the same. This is an initiative that has been started in some areas of the US, but he wanted to bring it to his area. He became less stressed, and things started looking up at his pharmacy job as well. His pharmacist and technicians were replaced and trained, so he wasn’t putting in as much unpaid time as before.

One day, he got a call from an owner from an independent pharmacy, not too far from  where he lives. The owner found out about Pot through one of Pot’s former work colleagues, who was currently working for the owner. Pot was intrigued, as the new position involved long term care, something Pot had enjoyed in the past, as well as expanding their current operations, by opening a new pharmacy. The owner and his family met with Pot met, and Pot presented his ideas. After a few weeks, Pot told me that he put in his 2 week notice at the grocery chain pharmacy.

I haven’t spoken to Pot since he told me he gave his 2 week notice at his grocery chain pharmacy, but I’m assuming he is infinitely happier. I know that this new position is a much better fit for him, as he gets to use his managerial skills with the new location, and this owner is very interested in Pot’s ideas of how to be more innovative and more involved in patient care. Not to mention, Pot gets his weekends back.

Best of luck to you, Pot. I hope that this job is everything that you dreamed of, and more.

If you need help finding the right job for you, please reach out to me. Let’s talk.

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