Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

That is the fear that I have had for the longest time. Will I ever be good enough for …. fill in the blank here.

I know that this is a very common fear, but knowing that others have gone through the same fear doesn’t have the same comfort. I think it is because we don’t talk about our fears, especially in the pharmacy setting. We are just expected to like whatever job we are in, and if we don’t measure up to the metrics set forth by our employers, however unrealistic they might be, then we believe we are “not good enough.”

It is a scary world out there, especially in the land of pharmacists. Too many employers, especially retail, are cutting their hours, which leads to less staffing in the pharmacy. Too many pharmacy schools have opened up, with more pharmacy schools opening each year, and thus flooding the market. Employers, especially in the clinical setting, have made stricter requirements for their scarce job openings, thus scaring a lot of good capable pharmacists from applying. Residencies have been pushed by the pharmacy schools, yet the number of residencies haven’t increased in proportion to the number of pharmacists now entering the marketplace. It is as if experience doesn’t count anymore. More and more pharmacists have been feeling like they’ve been discriminated because of their age. It seems like employers want younger pharmacists because they are willing to take a lower salary, because they are so grateful to have ANY job. All this leads to the stress of a pharmacist feeling, “Am I good enough?”

This fearful feeling is a very powerful one. It makes us too scared to go outside our comfort zone. We do not believe we would be good for the positions that we really want to go for. We keep berating ourselves for not being good enough to reach the impossible metrics. We internalize our fears and our failures, thinking it is US that is the problem, not the system. Thus, we beat ourselves down to the point that we can’t get back up. And we will always question ourselves about our capability. “Will I ever be good enough?”

How can we get over this fear? Can it be overcome? Most pharmacists will argue no, it cannot. But, I will say that YES, IT CAN BE. I am living proof of it. It took A LOT of hard work, going through correcting many negative beliefs about myself that have been instilled in me throughout the years, and angels dressed as ordinary people to get me out of my own fear of not being good enough. This fear didn’t come over me suddenly; it kept growing stronger as the years passed and my circumstances kept getting worse. So, it took just as long to turn the tables, and grow stronger against this fear. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

Are YOU ready to overcome this fear? For those that already have, how did you do it?

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