Lying on Your CV

I have a cousin who is a pharmacist, currently looking for a new position in Europe. Looks like the pharmacy job market isn’t great in other parts of the world, but I digress. She messaged me about some advice that was given to her by an acquaintance. She was told to put on her CV that she had experience in pharma in UK, even though she hadn’t. Apparently, it is the norm to do this in other industries.

My cousin felt uncomfortable doing this, as in pharmacy there is a code of ethics that we all feel like we should follow (well, most of us feel like we should follow the code of ethics). I told her that if she felt uncomfortable doing this, there is a good reason. Also, if the companies go back and verify her employment and find out that she lied, it will look worse on her. She agreed. She decided not to put experience on her CV that she didn’t have, and decided to reword her CV to get better traction on job opportunities in Europe.

That got me thinking, though. Is that what job seekers are resorting to nowadays? Are people lying on their CV, just to noticed by companies? I don’t know how the European market, and if they even check your work history, but here in the US, the companies do call and verify that what is stated on the CV is true.

I hope people will share their experiences, if they have lied on their CV and what consequences came of it; or if companies are not checking up as much I thought they did.

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