Fear … of success?

I haven’t posted much lately, because of all the changes I’m trying to incorporate in my life. I know that reaching out to other professionals and helping them achieve their career goals, or help them find and be successful in their new careers is my ultimate dream, but sometimes life just get in the way.

But does it really? Does life really get in the way? I had talked to my coach earlier in the week, and honestly, even though I am incorporating lifestyle changes (like working out at least 4 days a week, and being more social whenever I’m not out of town for work, and try dating), I could still make time for my own coaching business. So, what really is stopping me?

I learned that fear is what is stopping me. To be more specific, the fear of success. Most have a fear of failure, which is why they do not start their goals in the first place. Both fears have the same result: distraction, aka LIFE.

I had excuses of my friend visiting me from out of town, or I’m working out of town, or I’m trying to go to the gym. Then I realized that if something is important to me, I WILL make the time to go do it. For example, I told my friend that I wanted to get some gym time in. The original plan was for her to come with me. In the end, I ended going to the gym, while she went to an evening church service nearby. The point is, even though she was out of town visiting me, and I was entertaining her, we both found ways to achieve our goals.

I wish I could say I had an epiphany and tell everyone that I overcame my fear and now I’m going to be the best career coach ever. Sadly, that is not the case. I am FAR from overcoming my fear, and lots of other fears keep popping up. However, I have the greatest blessings by having people around who love me and support my goals. Because of them, I am able to get myself back on track on certain goals, and hopefully overcome some of the fears that are blocking my success.

I’m sure many people can relate to the fear that blocks their success, whether it be fear of failure of fear of success. Either way, they make themselves busy with other distractions, and use life as an excuse. I hope they can share their stories of how they overcame their fears and push through achieving their goals. I could definitely use some inspiration.

In the meantime, even though Texas has been experiencing multiple 100+ degree weather and no rain in sight, I still find time to enjoy the nature park near my friend’s house.



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