Tell Me Why You Went Into Pharmacy

Dear readers, I would like to know: why did you choose pharmacy as your career?

I actually didn’t choose pharmacy as my career; my dad chose it for me. I am Indian-American, and when I was growing up, we did everything our parents told us to do, including major life choices, like career paths and marriage. It was when the pharmacy shortage was happening. My dad had read about pharmacy, from the job markets to the salaries. He thought it would be an easy choice for me, as I was studious and hard working. My dad had an interest in chemistry, as did I. He even researched the best schools for pharmacy (at that time there were way less schools than there are now). So, being the obedient daughter that I was, I went into pharmacy.

While in school, I HATED pharmacy. Too many things to remember, not enough of a social life. I remember my business school friends getting done early on Thursday afternoons, and they didn’t have classes on Fridays. So they would go out on Thursday nights, and I felt like I was missing the fun (Pharmacy always had 8am labs). I couldn’t memorize everything, and I felt bored in my classes. Pharmacy didn’t excite me, and I definitely was not interested in the “rat race” of being the top student. I did get my pharmacy degree, and went to work.

The first few jobs I had didn’t help my attitude with pharmacy. I had thought about quitting several times, but never did because I wasn’t skilled or trained in anything else. Over time, I gained a lot of skills needed to be a GOOD pharmacist, and my hatred disappeared, and love and passion took its place. I love being a pharmacist now.

So tell me, how did you get into pharmacy? Why did you choose pharmacy as a career? Would you do something different if you could?

Thank you!!

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